010224 RECA UK Catalogue

06 01 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 01 February 2024 06 01 06 01 All dimensions shown in millimetres unless otherwise stated Fixings - Screws & Bolts RECA Sebs - Self Drilling Screws Drilling and Tapping in One Operation! RECA Sebs give optimal drilling performance due to their exact drill diameter and thread. They are manufactured within tight tolerance limits which result in smoother, easier installation and a secure joint between the two materials. Features Forged Drill Tip: In comparison to the milled drill heads on conventional self drilling screws, the head of the RECA Sebs are forged. This results in a noticeably better material structure of the tip which gives a faster and more stable fixing. Patented geometry of the cutting edge: The cutting edge of RECA Sebs have a point angle of 96° (twist drill 118°) consequently the design of the forged point gives a sharp, clean cutting edge. Benefits ¤ Faster than any twist drill! ¤ Less equipment! ¤ Less operations! ¤ Hence reduction of assembly cost by 50% ¤ No centre punch is necessary, except on converse surfaces ¤ Non skidding feature of the screw ¤ Less operator pressure is required Applications ¤ Metal > Metal ¤ Wood > Metal ¤ UPVC Windows ¤ Cladding Construction Forged Milled