060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

06 14 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 10 August 2023 06 14 06 14 All dimensions shown in millimetres unless otherwise stated PVC-U Window Fabrication The most popular material for double glazed window and door frames is PVC-U (Poly Vinyl Chloride Unplasticised). Its popularity is due to several different factors, but mainly the fact that it is the cheapest material for frames. It also has excellent heat insulation properties and is durable, so making it ideal for variable climates. On the downside it lacks strength. Window and door frames should not be load bearing, so they are strengthened by either steel or aluminium profiles inserted into, normally, the largest of the chambers. So a reinforced frame has a PVC-U outer and a metal insert. A self driller is therefore ideal as it can go through both materials. Window Screw for Reinforced/Unreinforced Section Window Screws for Reinforced Frames Countersunk, Phillips recess with self tapping thread and self drill point. What are Friction Stay Screws? Friction hinges/stays are found on all PVC-U type frames. They simply help you to open your window. Friction stay screw help fasten these hinges down. Carbon Steel Screws Plating Plating on carbon steel window screws is carried out to exceed the performance requirements of 240 hours salt spray resistance to corrosion, required by BS7412:2007. Csk Unreinforced Size 3.9 x 16 to 25 Csk Reinforced Size 3.9 x 16 to 32 Csk with Ribs Reinforced Size 3.9 x 13 to 16 Art. No. Size Plating Driver Bit To Suit Box Qty 0212 993 916 3.9 x 16 Zinc PH2 1000 0212 993 919 3.9 x 19 Zinc PH2 1000 0212 993 925 3.9 x 25 Zinc PH2 1000 0212 993 932 3.9 x 32 Zinc PH2 1000 Art. No. Size Plating Driver Bit To Suit Box Qty 0210 039 16 3.9 x 16 Zinc PH2 1000 0210 039 19 3.9 x 19 Zinc PH2 1000