060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

06 27 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 10 August 2023 06 27 06 27 All dimensions shown in millimetres unless otherwise stated Wood Screws RAPID® Timber Wood Screw Very high quality wood screw, ideal for use in structural woodwork, timber panel construction and interior construction. For all applications in which timber wood screws are used. ¤ Robust TX drive, for optimum power transfer. ¤ Under head milling pockets to prevent surface damage due to splintering or cracking. ¤ Patented ‘straight friction’ portion offering significantly reduced screw in resistance. ¤ HiLo thread design offers time savings thanks to accelerated screw in process, compared to conventional wood screws (applicable where stated). ¤ New tip, with core rips, saves time by biting instantly and precisely, significantly lowering cracking effects. ¤ Yell WIN 500+ surface coating, up to ten-times greater corrosion protection in comparison to standard zinc-plated coatings on the market. ¤ CE marked. Dia Ø Torx Available Lengths 3.0 TX10 16-45mm 3.5 TX20 16-50mm 4.0 TX20 20-70mm 4.5 TX20 20-80mm 5.0 TX20 20-120mm 5.0 TX25 40-120mm 6.0 TX30 50-300mm 8.0 TX40 80-400mm 10.0 TX50 100-400mm Art. No.: 0160 0/1/2 Features: ¤ Countersunk head. ¤ Under head milling pockets. ¤ Lengths ≥ 30mm offer the innovative HiLo thread. ¤ Lengths ≤ 25mm have a single thread. Art. No.: 0160 3 Features: ¤ Wafer head. ¤ Innovative HiLo thread. Dia Ø Torx Available Lengths 6.0 TX30 60-300mm 8.0 TX40 80-400mm 10.0 TX50 100-400mm Art. No.: 0190 480 Features: ¤ Cylinder head. ¤ Single thread. Dia Ø Torx Available Lengths 8.0 TX40 120 - 400mm