010224 RECA UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 21 April 2023 08 12 08 12 08 12 RECA EA380 Resin RECA EA380 Epoxy Acrylate resin is a high performance anchoring resin system designed for anchoring studs, rebars, etc to most masonry base materials whether solid or hollow. ¤ Designed as a fast curing high strength resin fixing anchor for medium loads. ¤ Ideal for fixings in damp environment or where there is potential chemical exposure ¤ The two parts are stored separately within the cartridge and mixed in the nozzle on application. ¤ Reduced shrinkage Ideal for base plates, supports and wall brackets, remedial work, barriers, anchoring into masonry. Art. No. Description Qty Carton Qty 0912 030 380 EA380 410ml cartridge c/w nozzle 1 12 0911 001 306 Spare Nozzle 1 - 0891 410 913 Resin Gun 1 - Technical and COSHH data available upon request Installation Guide: 1. Drill correct size hole. 2. Clean hole thoroughly. 3. Squeeze material out of gun until an even colour is achieved. 4. Apply to hole, working from the base out (half fill). 5. Insert fixture, rotating to fully coat the surface. 6. Once resin has cured, fixture may be attached and nut tightened.