010224 RECA UK Catalogue

09 03 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 03 April 2023 09 03 09 03 All measurements are in mm unless otherwise stated Prodriva A self drilling anchor for use in plasterboard and aerated concrete block. ¤ Screw Prodriva plug straight in to base material with a No 2 cross head screw driver. ¤ Mount fixture with pan head screw provided. ¤ Screw will clamp even the thinnest fixture due to unique tip design. ¤ Zinc alloy finish gives corrosion and fire resistance to 400°C. Please note: Prodriva is not recommended for fixing heavy radiators, wall cabinets or similar items which may be subjected to extra loading. Eco Screws ¤ Fast and uncomplicated installation in to masonry or concrete without a wall plug - Especially suitable for window installation. ¤ Stress and pressure free connection. ¤ Milled ribs for self countersinking action. ¤ Use with 0702 333 002 TX30 Torx-Bit 1/4” Hexagon Head *It may be necessary to drill 6 mm pilot hole when fixing into some aerated blocks or laminated plasterboards. Art. No. Product Description Max. Fixing Thickness Box Qty Carton Qty 0905 995 035 Provida Metal Pan Head 35mm 1 - 12mm 100 1000 Material Safe Working Load Thickness Tensile Shear Hole Ø Plasterboard 10mm 60N 180N Plasterboard 13mm 80N 180N Laminated Plasterboard ≥25mm 150N 180N 10mm Lightweight Brickwork 70N 18N 6mm Anchor Spacing Plasterboard L’weight Block Tensile Shear Tensile Shear Edge Distance 25mm 35mm 35mm 35mm Anchor Spacing 35mm 45mm 50mm 70mm Art. No. Length Thread Head 0233 975 906 62mm 7.5mm Ø 11.0 mm Ø 0233 975 908 82mm 0233 975 910 102mm 0233 975 912 122mm 0233 975 915 152mm 0233 975 918 182mm Material Min. Embedment Depth Perforated Brick (min. 2 walls) 60mm Lightweight Concrete 60mm Pumice 50mm Solid brick 40mm* Lime Sandstone 40mm* Concrete 30mm* *for best results use hammer drill or percussion drill. Over Drill Depth (Critical) Embedment depth plus additional 10mm. +10mm Screw Length Dependent on the frame width, distance to the wall and the embedment depth. Embedment Depth Dependent on the material (see chart). Frame Depth Distance To Wall Embedment Depth Drill Depth