010224 RECA UK Catalogue

09 11 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 03 April 2023 09 11 09 11 All measurements are in mm unless otherwise stated Rivet Insert Nuts A fast, reliable and simple fastening system. They provide a threaded feature in applications with soft materials or with a small grip. Used for fastening materials with single sided setting access, such as hinges, supports or panels. Insert Type Nuts Cylindrical Insert Nut ¤ Particularly used in levelling work ¤ Excellent solution to obtain a resistant thread in parts with a reduced thickness ¤ Its installation can be incorporated at any stage of production Grooved Insert Nut ¤ Ideal for applications with thin metals sheet, tubes, extrusion or plastic ¤ It resists turning ¤ Improves its resistance to rotation once it has been set. Type of Head Reduced Head ¤ It offers the possibility of creating a virtual flat surface, without the need of countersinking Countersunk Head ¤ Creates a flush surface Large Head ¤ Provides a large bearing area that strengthens the hole and prevents traction and pulling failures Installation 1. Insert the nut onto the tool and then into the hole. Operation of the tool will set the main body, completely filling the hole through expansion. 2. The insert nut reduces after being set, finally unscrew the nut from the tool.