060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

10 03 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 10 03 10 03 Arecal INOX Cleaner ¤ Special cleaning fluid for stainless steel and high alloy steel. ¤ Ideal for surface cleaning and protection of stainless steel, enamelled surfaces, coloured metals and other polished surfaces. ¤ Suitable for cleaning vehicles, household items and many other metal cleaning tasks. Removes stubborn grime, grease and oil without leaving residue. For best results use with a soft sponge or brush. ¤ COSHH data and Food Safe documents available on request. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0895 112 500 500ml Aerosol 6 Arecal INOX Finish ¤ Long lasting cleaning and care. Use for removing minor imperfections such as dust, dirt, gum residue and finger prints. ¤ For use on stainless steel, chrome, brass, anodised metal and enamelled surfaces. Leaves an oily film on the surface for long lasting protection. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0895 110 400 400ml Aerosol 15 Arecal Cockpit Fresh Air Spray ¤ This silicone-free cockpit spray is well-suited for improving the appearance of a vehicle interior. A silky, matt lustre appears after spraying on; it is recommended to additionally rub with a soft cloth. The product is very well suited for all plastic parts in a car interior and for rubber mats. Leaves a ‘new car’ scent. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0895 011 400 400ml Aerosol 15