010224 RECA UK Catalogue

12 01 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 09 January 2024 12 01 12 01 Tapes Standard Duct Tape Ideal for short term application such as joining polyethylene sheeting. ¤ Strong with good conformability and a high initial stick. ¤ Easy to unwind and easy to tear; with a gloss finish. ¤ For best results surfaces should be clean of any loose material and dry. Should be applied at between +10°C and +40°C. ¤ Size: 50mm x 50 metre. Art. No.: 0985 701 050 - Silver 0985 701 150 - Black Polycoated Cloth Tape Ideal for sealing metal and plastic ducting. Can also be used for masking off metal and concrete surfaces. Easy to unwind and very easy tear for ease of use with good long term outdoor exposure; ideal for a variety of applications. ¤ Writable surface; ideal when needed for identification purposes. ¤ Very good water resistance and gloss finish. ¤ Should be applied at between 10°C and +40°C. ¤ Size: 50mm x 50 metre. Art. No.: 0985 706 150 - Black Pure Aluminium Adhesive Tape Pure aluminium adhesive tape, for masking and lagging aluminium-clad mineral fibre insulation materials where the bonds are subject to high temperature loads and shear forces, such as heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems and for sealing pipes and containers when welding using shielding gas. ¤ Free of solvents and does not contain any halogen or heavy metal compounds. ¤ Complies with building material class A2 (non-flammable) in line with DIN 4102 if bonded to metallic surfaces and class B1 (flame-resistant) when bonded to aluminium-clad mineral fibre products with flame-retardant properties as a minimum requirement. ¤ Length: 100m Double Sided Adhesive Tape ¤ Universal double-sided adhesive tape for a wide range of applications in interior areas, such as laying and fixing carpets, skirting, trim and cable ducts. ¤ Transparent and non UV-resistant ¤ Length: 25m Art. No. Width 0985 835 050 50mm 0985 835 075 75mm 0985 835 100 100mm Art. No. Width Pack Qty Art. No. Width Pack Qty 0985 800 038 38mm 6 0985 800 050 50mm 3