060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

02 07 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 02 07 02 07 All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. RECA Chisels ¤ All RECA chisels are manufactured to the highest quality and adhere to strict tolerances on material hardness and dimensions. ¤ Both hardening and tempering processes are electronically controlled guaranteeing maximum hardness with subtle flexibility to avoid breakage. ¤ Because of the perfect forging technology the fibre lines are not disconnected therefore the chisels retain a higher inner strength. ¤ The special jet-blasting treatment ensures better surface protection. The chisel obtains higher surface strength, is more corrosion resistant and can withstand vibrations longer. The wear and tear is therefore noticeably lowered. ¤ The completion of the range for all light and heavy chiselling applications. RECA chisels are needed for every installation on every new building and for every new renovation job! Art. No. Description Length 0638 100 251 Pointed Chisel 250mm 0638 120 251 Flat Chisel 250x20mm 0638 140 250 Cold Chisel 250x35mm 0638 122 250 Hollow Chisel 250x22mm 0638 100 03 Contains: Pointed, Flat & Cold Chisel Art. No. Description Length 0638 500 401 Pointed Chisel 400mm 0638 560 0 Pointed Chisel 600mm 0638 525 401 Flat Chisel 400x25mm 0638 525 600 Flat Chisel 600x25mm 0638 580 300 Cold Chisel 300x80mm 0638 550 400 Cold Chisel 400x50mm 0638 515 350 Wide/Cold Chisel 300x115mm RECA SDS Max System Also available for heavy duty SDS Max machines, in the 5 to 11 kilos range. RECA SDS Plus System Pointed Chisel Flat Chisel Cold Chisel Cold Chisel Hollow Chisel Chisels available for the popular SDS plus machines, in the 2 to 4 kilos range.