060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

03 08 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 June 2023 03 08 03 08 RECA Ultra Cut Blades ¤ Innovative blade made from trimetal, highly durable with a long service life. ¤ The two differently toothed edges allow equally effective work in wood and metal, as well as wood with nails, combining two blades into one. ¤ Specialist shaft for turning the blade in its mount. ¤ Longer lengths available POA RECA Ultra cut 6/10 ¤ Ideal for soft wood/construction timber, MDF, wood with nails (5-100 mm, depending on the blade length), metal/steel (3.0 to 12 mm at 10 TPI) and non-ferrous base metals, fibre-reinforced plastics, epoxy. Art. No. Tooth spacing Tooth spacing Overall length Pack Qty 0605 511 001 6/10in 4.2/2.5mm 150mm 10 Visit our website to see a video of this product in action. What Is Trimetal? Tri-Metal products are made of three layers of metal - One spring steel layer in the middle and two HSS steel layer for the teeth. Cutting Blades - Specilaist Sabre Saw Blades RECA Cast and Brick ¤ Specialist blade for cast iron, red brick and ceramic, glass fibre reinforces plastic / epoxy Art. No. Overall length Pack Qty 0605 507 002 230 2 RECA Wave + ¤ Specialist blade for fibre insulation materials up to 250mm material thickness cardboard, foams, Styrodur, leather, rubber, paper and carpet. Art. No. Overall length Pack Qty 0605 508 002 300 2