060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

03 10 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 June 2023 03 10 03 10 Bosch Starlock Multicutter Accessories Range of blades and abrasive accessories featuring Starlock Snap-In mounting system for fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade. Perfect for trimming, adjusting and repair work such as recess and deep plunge cuts in wood and abrasive wooden materials - Flooring work, frame, parquet, laminate, carpet residues or door frames/ mouldings. Also, for making cut outs in parquet and laminate in an instant or shortening skirting boards plus tile or bathroom renovation, ranging from routing grout, removing mortar or tile adhesive, to cutting a new cable duct in the wall. Curved-Tec Precision Plunge Cutting Saw Blade With a tooth configuration made of BIM, for clean cuts in hardwood, and a tapered base body which reduces jamming plus Curved-Tec technology, for precise, smooth plunge cutting and less tooth breakout on the sides. AII 65 APB Wood and Metal ¤ Ideal for cutting wood with nails, cutting a door frame at floor level or plunge cuts in laminated panels. AIZ 32 APB Wood and Metal ¤ Suitable for deep plunge cuts in wood, abrasive wooden materials or plastic. ¤ Also suited to cutting non-ferrous pipes and profiles with smaller dimensions, cutting non-hardened nails, screws and steel profiles with smaller dimensions. AIZ 20 AB Wood and Metal ¤ Ideal for cutting a recess in furniture components ( e.g for access to a mains socket), flush cutting a copper pipe or plunge cuts in plasterboard. Art. No. Description Immersion Depth Pack Qty 3696 596 169 AII 65 APB 40mm 1 Art. No. Description Immersion Depth Pack Qty 3696 492 478 AIZ 32 APB 50mm 1 Multiple Art. No. Description Immersion Depth Pack Qty 3696 492 430 AIZ 20 AB 30mm 1 Renovation Flooring