060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 31 July 2023 04 06 04 06 04 06 All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. RECA Diaflex Diamond Blades - Specialist RECA Diaflex RS10M ¤The RS10M blade is designed for the removal of mortar between brickwork. ¤Designed with incredibly hard segments, straight through laser welding and tungsten wear retarding strips, this blade will last and last in the tough job of mortar raking. ¤The clearing of mortar from between bricks creates a hostile environment for a diamond blade. Sand and cement mix is very abrasive and would destroy a normal disc in a very short time. ¤The wide design helps to channel the mortar dust away from the blade and cuts down on the number of passes required. ¤6mm thick segments to easily deal with abrasive mortar. RECA Diaflex Ho Bit ¤Vacuum-soldered premium universal disc, has been approved for use on angle grinders in accordance with EN 13236. Equipped with large, coarse diamonds. The angular shape of the diamonds prevents scorching when cutting wood and soft materials. ¤Application area: Ideal for roofers, gardeners, landscapers and carpenters. ¤Field of Application: Wood (including wood containing nails), bitumen strips, roofing felt and roof tiles. Art. No. Dia. Bore 0662 702 115 115 22.2 0662 702 125 125 22.2 Art. No. Dia. Bore 0662 193 125 125 22.2 0662 193 230 230 22.2 RECA Diaflex Diamond Blades - Accessories RECA Sharpening Stone A man made block purposely designed for sharpening diamond blades. The ultra abrasive block is used to create a new sharp edge. The particles abrade the alloy matrix to reveal fresh, sharp diamonds. The sharpening stone eliminates the need to find blocks of sand stone, or other similar abrasive materials, that can be bulky or difficult to obtain. Art. No.: 0664 999 69 RECA No-Key Quick clamping flange nut for fast mounting and removal of blades used with conventional angle grinders up to a diameter of 230mm without any tools. Tighten by hand. Art. No.: 0696 603 350