060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 31 July 2023 04 10 04 10 04 10 All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. RECA Diamop Indispensable when working with concrete and various masonry surfaces. The RECA Diamop offers fast and clean grinding on concrete when using angle grinders with dust extraction. Applications: ¤Removal of screeds, skins and coverings including graffiti, colours, dyes, tar or bitumen-paints from masonry surfaces. ¤Levelling and preparing under surfaces for industrial floors. ¤Grind all concrete ‘noses’ and shuttering mould impressions. ¤Surfaces can be polished to a smooth finish. Features: ¤For dry grinding of concrete, screed, terrazzo, marble, granite, lime plaster, sandstone, etc. ¤Ideal for removing uneven surfaces on exposed aggregate concrete. ¤Indispensable tool for building contractors and allied trades, especially in concrete renovation or paint and covering removal. ¤Available in ‘Aero’ style which offers a fan effect to provide cool grinding and reduces any blue colouring of the work piece. ¤M14 flange on disc internal thread screws straight on to grinder. Art. No. Type Dia. Bore 0662 622 100 Double 100 22.2 0662 622 125 Double 125 22.2 0662 602 125 Aero 125 22.2 0662 622 180 Double 180 22.2 0662 602 180 Aero 180 22.2 RECA Grinding Cup ¤A diamond grinding cup with turbo segments. ¤M14 connection for use with 115mm and 125mm grinder. ¤The main benefit is the size itself. You can grind closer to the edges. Excellent for repair and change of broken tiles. ¤The Bond is for universal material and also granite. It works also very well on cordless angle grinders because of the weight and less resistance. Application: Ideal on granite and stone plates, ceramic, tiles, concrete and screed. Art. No. Type Dia. Bore Size 0662 641 050 Turbo 50mm M14