060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

05 03 05 03 05 03 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 10 August 2023 All dimensions in millimetres unless otherwise stated RECA Non Woven Rolls An abrasive hand pad on a roll. A non-woven abrasive material supplied in rolls allowing you to cut to the desired length and avoid wastage. Extremely flexible and handy to use. Recommended for cleaning parts of an irregular shape and for removing dirt, scale, paint and other contaminants left by previous operations. Often used for cleaning, finishing and light de-burring of steel, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel. RECA Fluffy Surface Conditioning Disc A 150mm disc made from 280 grit non-woven material for use with a cordless or electric machine, to deliver a sharp, consistent cut without gauging or marring the material being worked upon. Can be used on flat surfaces, as well as pipework, and is ideal for cleaning into tight corners or joins plus for removing any discolouration along the welding seam. Must be used with a mandrel, see article number 0666 913 652 Art. No. Grit Grade Size 0672 015 008 120 Med 115mm x 10 m 0672 015 012 180 Fine 115mm x 10 m 0672 015 028 320 Very Fine 115mm x 10 m Art. No. Size (mm) Width (mm) Bore (mm) RPM Pack Qty Recommended Maximum 0668 515 000 150 19 13 3000 6000 5