060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

05 07 05 07 05 07 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 10 August 2023 All dimensions in millimetres unless otherwise stated Ceramic Fibre Discs Ceramic technology has been used to build upon the existing range of fibre discs to give customers premium performance and lifetime. Ceramic grain sharpens as it wears - initial grinding breaks away a small edge of the grain and as grinding continues, micro fractures form which break off to create fresh sharp edges. This process repeats throughout grinding to give long term efficiency. RECAMIC Fibre Disc RECAMIC premium abrasive grain features vertically arranged, geometrically (triangular) shaped grain resulting in new sharp edges being continuously produced, and each grain works to optimum effect. ¤ Lower contact pressure is required to remove material. ¤ Developed specially for working with steel but also suitable for use with stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. The fibre discs are ideal for machining welding seam, edge and surface sanding and deburring. ¤ Use with speed adjustable angle grinders, and angle grinders over 1000watts. ¤ Pack of 25 RECA Ceramic Fibre Discs ¤ The RECA ceramic disc has been developed with the hardest and toughest grain, providing a continued higher level of performance and offering a self-sharpening effect with particularly aggressive stock removal and consistent grinding finish. ¤ Applications: For machining all metals and particularly good for materials that are difficult to machine such as stainless steel, titanium, high-alloy steels etc. Also suitable for grinding welding seams, deburring and chamfering. ¤ For best result use with an angle grinder over 1000w and with the turbo backing pads. Art. No. Dia. Bore Grit Art. No. Dia. Bore Grit 0665 070 036 115mm 22mm 36 0665 080 036 125mm 22mm 36 0665 070 060 115mm 22mm 60 0665 080 060 125mm 22mm 60 0665 070 080 115mm 22mm 80 0665 080 080 125mm 22mm 80 0665 111 115mm, M14 Backing Pad 0665 112 125mm, M14 Backing Pad Art. No. Description Grit Art. No. Description Grit 0665 099 036 115mm RECAMic Disc 36 0665 100 036 125mm RECAMic Disc 36 0665 11 Backing Pad for 115mm 0665 080 000 Backing Pad for 125mm* *Backing pad with cooling grooves, for best results with the 125mm RECAMIC Fibre Discs