010224 RECA UK Catalogue

05 21 05 21 05 21 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 25 January 2024 All dimensions in millimetres unless otherwise stated RECA Multi Cut Disc ¤ A carbide tipped cutting disc for universal applications, with carbide granules laser melted to the steel body. ¤ A thin, fast cutting disc, particularly suitable for wood, and ideal for use on hard and soft wood, wood with nails, plastic, plasterboard and fibre glass. ¤ Excellent cutting wheel for plumbers, electricians and woodworkers, efficiency is increased by removing the need to change blades Pack of 2 Art. No. Dia. 0670 200 115 115 0670 200 125 125 0670 200 230 230 A 24 R BF AA = Aluminium Oxide (for working in metal) C = Silicon Carbide (for working with stone) Grit 10-24 Coarse, 30-60 Medium, Grade or Disc hardness (the strength of the bond that holds the abrasive grain together) L to O = Medium, P to S = Hard, T to Z = Very Hard Bond type BF = Bakerlite (artificial resin) bonded and reinforced with fibre fabric N.B. Different manufacturers will have slightly different grits or grades on the disc. These all affect the quality and lifetime of the abrasive disc. Understanding The Markings On An Abrasive Disc The below or something like it will appear on cutting and grinding discs. What does it mean? Abrasive Cutting and Grinding Discs Phoenix II Flat Metal Cutting Disc ¤ A premium quality cutting disc manufactured to European Standard EN12143. ¤ Produced to OSA standards. ¤ Excellent performance and life time. ¤ Thickness: 3.5mm Pack of 10 Art. No. Dia. Bore Max Rpm 0670 910 300 300 20 5100