010224 RECA UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 21 April 2023 08 02 08 02 08 02 Technical Substrate Concrete C20/25 Size 6mm Drill Hole dia 6mm Embedment Depth 45mm Drill Hole Depth 50mm Rec Tensile Load 1.25kN Wire Hangers An all steel expansion anchor for simple fast installation of cables and suspended ceilings ¤ Hole diameters: 6mm ¤ Split three ways for even stress distribution within the concrete. Art. No. Size Box Qty 0904 950 605 6 x 60mm 100 1. Drill hole to specified size. Installation guide: 4. Set anchor using a claw hammer. 3. Tap anchor into concrete. 2. Brush and blow out to clean hole. 1. Drill hole in substrate, using correct diameter, ensuring the hole is deep enough to accommodate dust caused by threading action. 2. Remove any loose dust from the hole. 3. Screw in the Thunderbolt with a socket wrench. Apply a slight downward pressure to start the self tapping action. 4. Tighten the Thunderbolt until the fixture is in place. If resistance is met, unscrew one turn and re-tighten. Do not over tighten. 5. For optimum performance, a torque wrench should be used. Do not exceed tightening torque shown below. Thunderbolts Installation guide: