010224 RECA UK Catalogue

10 05 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 09 January 2024 10 05 10 05 Arecal Ultra Multifunction Spray ¤ A multipurpose penetrant, lubricant and water displacer with new, improved formulation that can be used in multiple applications. ¤ Dual action spray nozzle with flexible extension integrated into the spray head. ¤ Silicone free - Cleans and maintains plastic parts and lubricates without feeling greasy. ¤ Will provide long term lubrication for locks, cranks and other items prone to wear. ¤ Penetrates and displaces moisture, this is ideal for short term insulation of electrical systems. ¤ Contains corrosive inhibitors so prevents corrosion on cable connectors, electrical assemblies etc. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0896 115 400 400ml Aerosol 12 0896 621 5 5l Container* N/A Arecal Bio Cut Cutting Oil ¤ A fully bio-degradable, high-grade cutting oil, free from mineral oil residues which improves manufacturing tolerances and surface finish and allows for longer tool life. ¤ Reduces risk of breakage and permits higher operating speeds and production output. ¤ Prevents the formation of “cutting edge build-up” with no sticking of swarf (anti-adhesive properties). ¤ Reduces material temperatures and lubricates. Reduces vibration. ¤ Optimally suited for drilling, tapping, milling and sawing metals which are difficult to cut such as; high-alloy, stainless steel, structural steel, precious and nonferrous metals, lowmagnetic metals, aluminium and brass (petrol should be added). ¤ Gum residues and deposits are cleaned away, the affected areas cleaned completely and kept clean permanently. ¤ Excellent creeping capacity - allows loosening of sticking parts. Offers reliable and permanent protection against rust and corrosion. Arecal Foam Cut ¤ A foaming high performance cutting oil for most metal cutting tasks, when sprayed, an oily foam is produced which has good adhesion when applied. ¤ The foaming action ensures the lubricant penetrates to the cutting edges, without running off the tool or work piece, allowing for a more economical application. This can also enable cutting applications to be performed on vertical surfaces. ¤ Ideal for use on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including copper, brass and aluminium. ¤ Outstanding performance for drilling, reaming, tapping and thread cutting of materials. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0896 414 400 400ml Aerosol 15 Arecal Aerosols & Chemicals: Lubricating Art. No. Type Case Qty 0896 413 400 400ml Aerosol 15 0896 630 10 10l Container* N/A *1l pump spray bottle available Art. No. 0892 600 006