060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

10 09 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 10 09 10 09 Galva Zinc Spray For the visual enhancement of welding with a zinc finish. Ideally applicable for the assembly of galvanised parts, Galva Zinc also provides a conductive and protective coating for spot welding. Temperature resistant up to +300°C, parts which will become warm can also be finished with this product. Galva Zinc Premium ¤ A bright zinc spray with a 90% high zinc content which acts as a visually enhanced coating that also protects steels and metals against corrosion and rust. ¤ Also suitable for application as a corrosion resistant spray in ship building, machine building as well as for parts which, due to technical reasons, cannot be galvanised (e.g. non-ferrous metals and thin sheet metal). ¤ Easy to over paint, Arecal Galva Zinc is dry within a few seconds and the parts can therefore be worked on very quickly afterwards; important for parts which still need varnishing work. ¤ Conforms to DIN EN ISO 1461. ¤ Arecal Galva Zinc Basic is a price competitive alternative to Galva Zinc Premium with 30g less zinc and no DIN EN ISO 1461 approval. Galva Zinc Paste � A brushable paste that provides long term protection against corrosion. � Two to three coats on the repaired surface will provided the required layer thickness to DIN 50 976 and is temperature resistance up to 300°C. � Fast drying (touch dry after approx 45 minutes, fully dry approx 2-3 days) and suitable for use on steel construction, ship building, forging and locksmiths. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0897 114 400 Galva Zinc Premium (400ml Aerosol) 15 0897 115 400 Galva Zinc Basic (400ml Aerosol) 24 Arecal Aerosols & Chemicals: Marking & Protecting Art. No. Type Case Qty 0897 900 500ml Tin N/A Art. No. Type Case Qty 0897 122 400 400ml Aerosol 15 Arecal Alu 800 Spray ¤ A heat-resistant, high-grade, electrically conductive, liquid aluminium spray containing 99.5% pure aluminium, which combats corrosion and visually improves flanges, aluminium parts, galvanised surfaces, air conditioning units, vehicle parts, heat-loaded units and also zinc coated parts. ¤ The aluminium pigments produced through spraying act as a shield against moisture, weathering and many aggressive acids and alkalis. ¤ During welding, the aluminium spray is baked on and can therefore protect even inaccessible places. Because of this sintering technique, the spray is heat-resistant up to 800°C. ¤ Arecal Aluminium spray is very economical to use because of the microscopically fine spray which is produced during use.