060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

10 14 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 10 14 10 14 Arecal INOX Finish H1 ¤ Multipurpose product for stainless steel surfaces in the home and food processing industry, used for removing minor imperfections such as dust, dirt, gum residue and finger prints. ¤ Cleans and protect stainless steel and other metals and provides an anti-rust coating for non-assembled stainless steel parts, which can be removed from parts easily prior to assembly. ¤ Can be used as an antiseize. ¤ NSF Registration No: 145772. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0895 115 400 400ml Aerosol 6 Arecal Long Lub H1 ¤ Non sticking fluid with good creeping qualities to allow penetration into inaccessible areas. ¤ Offers excellent adhesion and resistance to centrifugal forces. ¤ Temperature resistant to +1800C. ¤ Ideal for use on all types of hinges, coupling, machines and precision parts such as roller, ball bearings and cogs. ¤ NSF Registration No: 140358. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0896 215 400 400ml Aerosol 6 Arecal Multipurpose Grease H1 ¤ Physiologically safe, transparent grease with a multipurpose combination of additives, suitable for lubrication and maintenance of bearings and rollers and long term lubrication in wet areas and in critical areas of food. ¤ Good adhesive characteristics and resistantance to oxidation. Temperature resistance -200C to +1500C. ¤ Water & silicone free, repels dust. ¤ NSF Registration No: 145771. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0896 800 400 400g Container 24 0986 00 Grease Gun N/A Technical Data Colour: Colourless Odour: Solvent Pressure at 200C: 2.7 Bar Density at 200C: 0.77/cm3 Flash Point @ 40oC Technical Data Colour: Colourless Pressure at 200C: 6 Bar Density at 200C: 0.779/cm3 Flash Point @ 400C Solubility in Water: Partially