060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

10 15 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 10 15 10 15 Sprayable Contact Adhesive ¤ Dries quickly to form a high strength bond with porous and non porous materials. ¤ Integral adjustable nozzle helps with precise control of spray pattern, to help suit a particular job. ¤ Excellent coverage up to 5m² of bonded area per 500ml can. ¤ Ideal for quick and simple bonding of many materials, including wood, cardboard, fibrous insulation material, plastic, canvas, cork, fabric and foam, either to themselves or brickwork, concrete stone and plaster. ¤ Drying time (at 20°C) 2-3 mins Art. No. Type Case Qty 0894 050 500 500ml Aerosol 12 Arecal Leak Detector ¤ Leak tester for pressuring gas, hot gas and compressed air of all types - For the worry-free, quick finding of leaks. ¤ Non-flammable and protects against corrosion. ¤ For application in areas such as welding, bolted connections, valves or slide valves, pressurised lines, leaks on slide valves, leaks on gas heating, gas supplies, punch clocks, tyres and valves. After spraying, leakages will be shown up by small blisters in the foam. ¤ Applicable for use between 0°C and +50°C. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0894 010 400 400ml Aerosol 15 Arecal Starter Spray ¤ Improves the start-up behaviour of 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol and diesel engines, especially when wet and cold. ¤ Ideal for motors with cable starters, such as marine engines, and motor driven pumps, it can also be used in emergency power units, mining and construction. ¤ Also suitable for combustion engines of aircraft, ships and vehicle models. ¤ Spray directly into the air filter or suction port and start the engine. ¤ After numerous unsuccessful start attempts, wait several minutes before reapplying. ¤ CAUTION: Do not place the product in the vicinity of heated air openings or other sources of heat in the vehicle. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0894 020 300 300ml Aerosol 6 Arecal ‘Pumpup’ Pump Spray Bottle ¤ Capacity: 1 litre ¤ Brass nozzle: MS 0.8 mm with spray jet adjustable from strong to fine. ¤ Suitable for all water-based products and for all open products (litre containers) from the RECA Arecal product line Art. No. Capacity 0892 600 006 1 litre