010224 RECA UK Catalogue

10 12 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 09 January 2024 10 12 10 12 Quick Drying Primer ¤ Offers hard wearing & long term protection of steel - adheres well and provides protection to correctly prepared steel surfaces. ¤ Suitable for application by spray, brush or roller, depending on surface area. ¤ The paint is still useable once the pot has been opened. ¤ Does not contain solvents. Art. No. Colour/Finish Size 0897 001 120 Grey High Build Zinc Phosphate QD Primer 20l 0897 001 220 Red Oxide QD Primer 20l 0895 090 015 Thinner 5l Arecal Corro INOX Stainless Steel Paint ¤ Containing 18% chromium, 8% nickel & 2% manganese and formulated to give an excellent stainless steel colour match with excellent corrosion and impact resistance. ¤ Heat resistant to 400°C. ¤ Can be used as a primer or a top coat. For best results use on clean, dry surfaces. ¤ The optimal spraying distance is around 25cm from the material. Leave 5 to 8 minutes drying time between coats. Art. No. Type Case Qty 0897 132 400 400ml Aerosol 15 Arecal USD Marker ¤ The classic surveying and construction marker offering excellent adhesion to asphalt, concrete, stone, soil and wood. Can be used for floor or overhead marking; excellent adhesion to asphalt, concrete, stone, soil, wood; with special spray cap. ¤ The twist cap helps to prevent against unintentional spraying and won’t spray your fingers. ¤ High quality paint in a handy 500ml size can which can be carried in work wear pockets. ¤ This product is a temporary paint marker of limited durability, and is not recommended for road and/or car park markings. ¤ Available in 500ml canister, box quantity of 12. Art. No. Colour 0897 494 500 White 0897 463 500 Yellow 0897 483 500 Blue 0897 495 500 Red Site Marker ¤ Standard quality temporary acrylic paint line marker, ideal for temporary use in car parks, warehouses etc - both indoor and outside. ¤ An excellent line marker which makes durable lines on a variety of surfaces and available in a range of colours. ¤ Xylene free and toluene free. COSHH data available on request. ¤ Available in 750ml canister, box quantity of 12. Art. No. Colour 0897 950 001 Yellow 0897 950 002 Orange 0897 950 003 White 0879 950 004 Red 0879 950 005 Blue 0879 950 006 Green