060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

01 15 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 01 15 01 15 All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. TCT Rotabroach Cutters Short Series ¤ Manufactured with highest quality carbide tips, for a long life in the toughest materials. ¤ The tips are 50% tungsten, 50% carbide and are therefore able to resist high temperatures, helping to extend the tool life. ¤ The 3 tooth geometry provides even tooth loading for a smooth and vibration free cut. ¤ The TCT cutters have unique spiral flutes, for fast material removal. ¤ Max tensile strength <1400N/mm². ¤ Ideal for use on construction steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, hard ox (dependent on grade) and Inconel. ¤ Short series (35mm D.O.C), and long series (50mm D.O.C) POA. ¤ Other sizes available POA. Dia Art. No. 14mm 0618 613 014 18mm 0618 613 018 20mm 0618 613 020 22mm 0618 613 022 26mm 0618 613 026 30mm 0618 613 030 Evolution Cyclone Swarf And Chip Collector ¤ Push rod to magnetise, wave over ferrous metal filings which adhere to the cyclone. Withdraw rod to release filings into an appropriate scrap area. ¤ Clean working area with no effort. Excess filings can affect magnet performance on drills! Art. No. 0695 902 001 Machine Vice ¤ Secure reliable and quick clamping of work pieces on drills and measuring machines. ¤ Solid and handy version, with a cast metal body. ¤ Thread spindle covered by a protective sleeve. ¤ Long mounting slots. ¤ Moveable jaw with guide. ¤ Solid clamping jaw with three vertical prisms and one horizontal prism. ¤ Both jaws with support for clamping flat work pieces. Art. No. Jaw width Jaw Height Clamping Capacity Height Weight 3653 732 100 100 mm 30mm 92mm 63.5mm 4.3kg Art. No. Description 0618 610 004 Short pin for TCT Cutter 12-17mm 0618 610 005 Short pin for TCT Cutter 18-52mm