060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

01 16 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 01 16 01 16 All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. Magnetic Drills Rotabroach Commando 40 Machine Rotabroach’s most economical machine, ideal for an intermittent user of broaching cutters. Suitable for drilling holes in ferrous metal while the base magnet holds the drill securely in place. ¤ Suitable for drilling up to 40mm diameter and 50mm depth. ¤ Complete with a 13mm drill chuck. ¤ Twist drill capacity 13mm. ¤ Supplied in a protective carry case complete with safety strap and hex keys. ¤ High density magnet for maximum adhesion. ¤ Reversible handles for use in awkward situations. ¤ “No Volt Release” switch for improved safety handling. ¤ 12 months user confidence warranty. Art. No.: 0696 998 601 (110V) Rotabroach Element 50 Low Profile Machine Rotabroach are proud to launch the largest capacity low profile mag drill on the current market. Its small height, powerful motor and 50mm cutter capacity make it ideal for working in confined spaces and for everyday drilling requirements. ¤ Cutting diameter and depth of cut to 50mm. ¤ 1200w motor with variable, 6 speed setting. ¤ Fitted with Cutsmart technology, designed to increase tool life. ¤ An easy to read panel that indicated when you are drilling with too much force. ¤ Able to counter sink to 30mm (requires extension arbor RD3209). Art. No.: 0696 998 602 (110v) Specifications COMMANDO 40 ELEMENT 50 H x W x D 510 X 180 X 265mm 179 x 100 x 329 Weight 14.2kg 11kg Motor Input Power 1100W 1200w Magnetic Adhesion 8000N 10,000N Speed (no load) 270-610rpm 250 - 500rpm Cutter Capacity 12-40mm 50mm Twist Drill Capacity 13mm - Arbor 19.05 Wheldon -