060923 RECA-UK Catalogue

01 17 - Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 29 August 2023 01 17 01 17 All dimensions in mm unless otherwise stated. Magnetic Drills Rotabroach Element 75 The Element uses a unique dual motor protection system prolonging the machines life and preventing unwanted wear ¤ For heavy duty operations the ‘Element 75’ is a must for drilling larger holes. ¤ Compact, durable and more portable than other larger machines. ¤ Suitable for drilling up to 75mm diameter by 75mm depth. ¤ The ‘Element 75’ offers forward and reverse functionality. Art. No.: 0696 998 604 (110v), 0696 998 605 (230v) Rotabroach Element 40 ¤ Powerful 1200w motor with a two speed mechanical gearbox. ¤ CutSmart Technology – designed to protect your motor and cutter, prolonging tool life. ¤ 40mm max cutter diameter ¤ Quick release interchangeable handle – allowing you to operate the mag drill from either side or improving accessibility. ¤ Dual motor protection system to prolong the machine’s life and prevent unwanted wear ¤ 13kg in total weight Art. No.: 0696 998 606 (110v), 0696 998 607 (230v) Specifications Element 75 Element 40 Cutter capacity 75mm 40mm Twist drill capacity 26mm with MT Drill 13mm Motor specification 1800w 1200w Magnet adhesion 18500n 10,000Kn No load speed Low gear 70-180rpm High gear 200 – 500rpm Low gear 300 rpm, high gear 600 rpm L x H x W 460 x 545 x 230mm 285 x 510 x 185mm Weight 24kg 13.6kg