010224 RECA UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 03 January 2024 17 01 17 01 17 01 SCAR Molib 100 Bio Sulphide Grease Spray For the lubrication of threads, gears, bearings, chains etc. • Suitable for the lubrication of stress points where high temperatures (700°C) are reached and where strong temperature changes (from -10°C to +700°C) occur. • Resistant to washing and oxidation. Art. No.: S8911 081 00 (400ml) SCAR Automotive Aerosols SCAR Vaseline Spray For lubrication of mechanical parts; gears, dies, blades, door hinges, mechanisms, curtain rails, car parts. • For applications where a very penetrating lubricant is needed and can be used in mechanisms at high RPM. • Suitable on plastics and rubber too. • Colourless and odourless and does not contain silicone or solvents. Art. No.: S8912 101 00 (400ml) SCAR Copper Grease Spray • Anti-seize copper grease lubricant with high temperature resistance to 1100°c. • Water repellent and resistant to corrosive agents such as salt water, oils, acid & alkaline solutions. Art. No.: S8919 001 00 (400ml) Copper Grease Compound Offers protection from corrosion for wheel nuts, battery terminals etc and can be used to prevent squealing brake discs. Operates in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +1100°C. Supplied in a 500g Tin Art No.: 0896 899 001 (500g) SCAR No Corr Battery Terminal Spray An anti-acid protection for battery terminals, electrical connectors and ignition cables which prevents transfer of resistance and voltage drops, thus extending the service life of the battery. • Resistant to temperature variations from -20°C to +50°C Art. No.: S8911 701 00 (400ml) SCAR Rapid Start • Facilitates and enables the immediate start up of engines even at low temperatures. • Allows a quick engine start without stress and prevents battery wear, thus prolonging its life. Art. No.: S8911 000 55 (400ml)