010224 RECA UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 03 January 2024 17 02 17 02 17 02 SCAR Tar Remover Spray • Quick and easy application, specifically for the removal of tar, resin and glue residues from the vehicle body. • Also suitable for use on metal, rubber, plastic, rims and on the under body of the vehicle Art. No.: S8911 001 70 (400ml) SCAR Tyre Shine • Polishing spray for plastic and rubber parts. • Restores shine and eliminates dirt generated by wear and weather on tyres and mats. • Brightens and invigorates tyres and all other rubber parts. • Water repellent and antistatic effect. • Extends the life of all rubber parts. Art. No.: S8911 000 52 (400ml) SCAR Cleaning Aerosols SCAR Proclean Spray • Dry, cleaning spray for electrical contacts and circuits. • Removes dirt & oil without affecting plastic or rubber materials. • Expands quickly and evenly without leaving oily residues. • For use on electronic components, office machines, electronic cards etc. Art. No.: S8909 102 50 (200ml) SCAR Carburettor Cleaner For internal and external cleaning of carburettors, intake systems and injection engines. Improves engine performance, solves irregular idling and acceleration gaps. • Removes oily or carbon residues, gums and sulphides contained within petrol and diesel. • Helps reduce fuel consumption and polluting emissions. Art. No.: S8911 000 60 (400ml) SCAR No Fog � To avoid fogging of glass, windows & the windshield, also effective on clearing already fogged glass. Nongreasy & safe for use on plastics & rubber. Art. No.: S8911 001 46 (200ml)