010224 RECA UK Catalogue

Reproduction, even in part prohibited. Printed in UK Modified: 03 January 2024 17 03 17 03 17 03 SCAR Radiator Stop Leak • Seals micro cracks in the radiator, engine block, cylinder head & hoses. Will not damage plastic or rubber parts & protects the cooling system. Art. No.: S8905 000 70 (300ml) SCAR Radiator Cleaner & Conditioner Guarantees excellent performance and greater safety in the operation of the cooling system by eliminating corrosion and dirt deposits in the cooling system. Neutralizes calcium residues that can lead to the formation of limestone and dissolves and binds oily and fatty residues. � Alkaline in the range 9 -11 (pH): it is not aggressive towards plastics, rubber and metals - Suitable for all types of engine Art. No.: S8905 000 80 (1000ml) SCAR Reflector Paint Spray ¤ For high visibility in the dark, its high adhesive properties works on various substrates like metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics etc. Can be removed by washing at 60°C ¤ 10 minutes touch drying time, 60 minutes to penetrate into the substrate. ¤ Lasts for at least 1 year in any weather conditions Art. No.: S8911 001 47 (400ml)